Insurance Claims Assistance

Insurance Claims Assistance

If you suspect that your roofing, siding, or gutters have been damaged from storms, fallen trees, hail, or high winds, New American Home Improvement can help you. We offer free inspection services to homeowners in which we document all types of damages found that are the result of the adverse weather. If you choose to file an insurance claim for covering the damage repair costs, we will thoroughly explain to the entire process and provide you assistance in getting your claim approved.

Most people dread going through the insurance process. But with New American Home Improvement by your side, we will handle your claim. We specialize in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters, and present your situation in the positive light to help you receive maximum compensation. Since we have been providing home improvement services and insurance claims assistance to clients for many years, we know what insurance providers require for your claim to be processed in a timely manner. Moreover, our involvement dramatically reduces the chances of a receiving a settlement that barely covers your repair or replacement costs, or worse, getting your claim denied.

How We Help Homeowners With Insurance Claims

At New American Home Improvement, we help our customers by:

  • Simplifying the claim process: Filing an insurance claim involves filling heaps of paperwork. But with us, you don’t have to worry about a thing, as we know what forms and documents are required to get the settlement.
  • Handling insurance adjusters: We schedule a meeting with your insurance adjustor and make sure everything is in place, so that your application is approved right away.
  • Getting better settlements: We help you get better compensation for your property damages, so that you are able to get repairs and replacement done in the right way, with proper installation and quality materials.
  • Giving you peace of mind: Our team works closely with you and takes the stress out of the process by taking care of everything.

New American Home Improvement has worked with many insurance companies and knows how to help customers in settling their claims smoothly, quickly, and effortlessly. Whether you need to get your roof repaired or have it replaced with a new one, we ensure little to no money is spent out of your pocket.

Get In Touch With Our Experts Today

Before you contact your insurance provider, be sure to call us first so that we can determine the extent of weather damage through inspection. We have dealt with many insurance companies over the years and know the right tactics to get the best possible settlement. New American Home Improvement is a local, family-owned company, and we love to help people in our community. So call us today at (224) 788-9984 to schedule an appointment.

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